4 How is student assessment linked to student success? Last semester, Lori MacDonald changed the way she assessed and evaluated student learning. The Lockview High School English teacher and department head tried an outcomes-based approach with her English Communications (ECM) 12 class, shifting focus from grades to the skills students were learning. What she discovered is that all of her students were able to meet with success in an environment that focused on their learning. Learn more in this video: Student testimonials: “If I was having a bad day and didn’t get something done, it didn’t add to the stress I already had because I knew I could still meet the outcome... If someone was struggling with one assignment, there would be others to prove they understand and can meet the outcome.” “It made me at least try my hardest and now I am beating my outcome goal and my parents are happy.” “I think it is a great way for marking because it’s not just looking at grades… it’s looking at outcomes and skills for the kids and Ms. MacDonald was great at letting us know if we were falling behind or not.” “The importance of getting feedback is to know how students can get help when they are struggling rather than the teacher teaching more about what you know.” “You have room to screw up on one or two and still get a good mark.”