7 Goal 4: To Build engagement, support and confidence in HRSB Thanks to the Governing Board’s insight, vision and current strategic plan, we have made public engagement a priority as a means to build support and confidence in our system. Community input and participation is vital to improving public education. Community participation spurs decision-making that is more reflective and responsive. Currently, HRSB is experiencing an overcrowding issue in the Charles P. Allen Family of Schools. In the short term, immediate measures are necessary at Basinview Drive Community School for September 2018. Staff are considering various options to provide relief at Basinview, including: 1. Boundary Review 2. Portable Classrooms 3. Split Shifts 4. Enrollment Restrictions 5. Grade Reconfigurations 6. Temporary Relocation Details of the above considerations can be found here. During the week of March 5, Board staff from Operations and School Administration invited School Advisory Committee members at Basinview Drive Community School, Rocky Lake Junior High and Bedford Forsyth Education Centre (BFEC) to a meeting to review options. The guiding principles applied by staff to develop the options were reviewed at each meeting. These principles include: • Minimizing the transition or disruption impact to students and staff; and • Aligning class configurations as close to EECD class cap guidelines as possible. At each meeting, participants identified challenges and opportunities for each option, and were invited to contribute additional comments for consideration. Once an option is selected, a transition plan will be shared with the school community. #ThanksToYouHalifax