Regional Executive Director’s report Halifax Regional Centre for Education 902.464.2000 On April 1, 2018, the Halifax Regional School Board became the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE). Governing Boards were dissolved, and we, along with the six other English school boards from across Nova Scotia became Regional Education Centres of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD). What does this shift mean for families and members of school communities who are wondering who to contact with questions and/or concerns? We are still here! Our contact information hasn’t changed and can be found online in our staff directory. Our Parent/ Guardian Concern Policy also remains in effect. As always, day-to-day operations are being managed by school principals, Regional Education Centre staff and the Regional Executive Director of Education, which is now my title. If you’re looking to get in touch, don’t hesitate to reach out! My contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. With any significant organizational change, there is always a period of transition. We have a new name, but our logo, website addresses, email addresses and social media accounts don’t yet reflect changes. While we remain focused on the priority of student learning, a provincial team is currently in the process of designing new visual identities for each of the Regional Education Centres. I commit to keeping HRCE staff, families and school communities informed as new information becomes available about our new identity. This monthly report will also look different going forward. For the remainder of the 2017-18 school year, I will continue to share stories from our system as they relate to the goals identified in our 2017-18 business plan. Come September, expect the launch of a new Regional Executive Director’s report that not only captures and celebrates the successes of students and staff, but also demonstrates the implementation and the impact of changes to Nova Scotia’s education system. My intent is to build confidence in our public education system by giving families, staff, school communities, partners and the public a window into our classrooms. Not everyone has my vantage point; not everyone sees the ordinary miracles in teaching and learning that happen every day in our system. It’s my responsibility to bring those moments to light. Opportunity is a product of change. One of the opportunities that I am particularly excited about is building an education system that is more deeply-rooted in what students need to achieve. How do we get there? By engaging with and listening to the people who live and breathe public education each day. At the regional level, students, families and communities will have a greater voice through increased consultation and the enhanced role of School Advisory Councils. I understand the provincial transition team is currently working to detail this further, and will communicate information as their work unfolds. April 2018 Who do i contact with questions or concerns? R start with your child’s teacher R follow up with the school principal R if a resolution is not reached, call HRCE at 902.464.2000 & we will connect you with the right person* *an Administrative Supervisor is assigned to each school & it’s part of their role to support families & problem-solve concerns