In just a few days, another school year will be complete. Summer is here! This week, more than 3500 students in the Halifax Centre for Education (HRCE) will cross the stage at graduation ceremonies, marking the end of a 13-year public education journey. It’s an exciting time for graduates, their families as well as the educators and school staff who supported each and every learner along the way. Congratulations to the Class of 2018! I wish you every success on the road ahead. Your future is bright! Follow graduation moments on Twitter using #NSGrad2018. On Friday, students in all other grades will collect their report cards – and then summer break begins! Central Office remains open throughout July and August. The behind-the-scenes work to ready schools for September continues: custodians and caretakers clean each school thoroughly, staff in our Human Resources (HR) Department continue to fill positions, and class schedules are adjusted and readjusted as enrolment numbers shake out. We know there will be an increase in our overall enrolment for the 2018-19 school year by more than 600 students. In addition, there are 523 registrations for the Pre-Primary Program, which is expanding next year to a total of 30 sites, with 40 classes. These numbers are subject to change following late registration during the last week of August. There’s no question: our system is growing! If you know someone who would like to work with HRCE, now is the time to apply! There are currently more than 500 teaching positions posted for term rehire and external applicants in all areas. These positions include full-time and part-time options. HR will continue to recruit substitutes in all areas for September. There are also 200 non-teaching positions currently open to candidates. These include Educational Program Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Student Support Workers, EXCEL Group Leaders and School Based Administrative Assistants. Curious about outcomes-based assessment? Teaching code in P-2? Increasing engagement in junior and senior high math? In August, we are holding our largest-ever summer professional learning program for new and experienced English and French Immersion teachers. From physical education to math and literacy, there is something for everyone. Check out this comprehensive list – there are 42 sessions to choose from! Much like the past few years, there are several teacher- run (volunteer!) bookmobiles operating free-of-charge for students during the evenings throughout the summer months. Thanks to all who make this fantastic opportunity available to students. Also, students who are registered to take part in the Africentric Math Cohort at Auburn Drive High School starting this fall will come together for two days in July and three days in August to get to know one another, to build relationships with their teachers and to find out what – and how – they will be learning Math and Canadian History through an Africentric lens. Regional Executive Director’s Report Halifax Regional Centre for Education 902.464.2000 June 2018 Who do i contact with questions or concerns? R start with your child’s teacher R follow up with the school principal R if a resolution is not reached, call HRCE at 902.464.2000 & we will connect you with the right person* *an Administrative Supervisor is assigned to each school & it’s part of their role to support families & problem-solve concerns