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Would you like to be notified about school cancellations due to inclement weather by text message and/or email?

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If you are a parent/guardian and you have already opted in to receive text messaging, you DO NOT need to complete this form.

If you aren’t sure if you’ve already opted-in, text Y to the following number: 978338

Anyone who is NOT a parent/guardian in our system who wishes to receive school cancellations due to inclement weather must opt-in below.

If you wish to receive notifications via text message:

Step 1: Provide your mobile number below

Step 2: Text "Y" to 978338

If you wish to receive notifications via email, provide email address in the form below.

Please note: It may take up to 24 hours to be added to the subscriber list after you submit your information. Due to the large volume of messages being sent within a very short time frame, from time-to-time various service providers block or delay email and text messages being sent from this domain because they are being mistaken as spam. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Information about school cancellations is always posted on our website, on X (formerly Twitter) and on Instagram.

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