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About Us

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) was created on April 1, 2018. As an entity, the HRCE operates English public schools throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Serving more than 58,000 children and students in 137 schools, the HRCE is the largest school system in Atlantic Canada.

The HRCE's vision is to provide a high quality education to every student every day.

HRCE by the numbers:*

Elementary schools 83
Elementary /Junior High 21
Elementary/Junior/Senior High 1
Junior High 14
Junior/Senior High 7
Senior High 9
Children, Pre-Primary 2,918
Students, Primary to Grade 6 28,932
Students, Grades 7 to 9 12,388
Students, Grades 10 to 12 12,467
Total staff 11,500 (approx.)

*Enrolment numbers effective September 30, 2022

What does it cost to run the HRCE?

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