Student Services

Student Services

We know that every child comes to school with different strengths, challenges, interests and lived experiences. We also know that children learn differently. To support responsive programming for all children, HRCE offers a number of specialized supports to students and families.

Parents/guardians are extremely important partners in their child’s education. Parents/guardians are encouraged to share with the school information related to their child’s learning styles, cultural backgrounds, strengths, challenges, interests, personal care, and/or medical diagnosis. This can be done during the registration process, or at any time during the school year. 

Student Services is a network of interconnected resources supporting students, families and staff in maximizing student success. Specialized support personnel are available within individual schools and regional teams, guided by the Special Education Policies of HRCE and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. A Student Services Facilitator is assigned to support all HRCE schools.

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All individuals use strategies and devices to assist them in performing tasks more efficiently and effectively on various occasions. Students with diverse disabilities may need a range of assistive technologies in order to participate more fully in daily activities and to equitably access learning outcomes. Referral for this service must be made through the school.

Autism Specialists work alongside school staff to contribute to the overall success and well-being of students with autism from grade Primary-12. Autism Specialists support Student Planning Teams in the areas of program development and implementation, assessment,  teaching strategies and transitions for students on the Autism Spectrum. Referral for this service must be made through the school.

Some of our  students  require more intensive support and programming to meet their behavioural needs. Initiation of this service is through the Student Planning Team, who may decide to refer to the School Psychologist. If the School Psychologist along with the Student Planning Team determine that more extensive intervention is required, a referral may be made to the Regional Behaviour Specialist.

School Psychologists provide a wide range of educational and mental health services in the areas of child and adolescent development to support student well-being and achievement. These services can include support for behaviour, social, emotional and academic interventions. Services can also include assessment and recommendations for programming to reduce barriers to learning for students. Each school has access to this service on an itinerant basis. Referral for this service must be made through the school.

Programming and services provided by Resource and Learning Centre teachers support identified students in achieving the curriculum outcomes of the Public School Program or, in the case of students with an Individual Program Plan, their individualized outcomes. 

School Counsellors support student well-being and achievement by developing and providing primarily short term counselling services to individuals, small groups, and classes of students on a variety of mental health and well-being topics. School Counsellors regularly partner with school based staff, families and community based service providers in supporting student well-being. Each school has access to a school counsellor. Referral for this service must be made through the school.

School Social Workers collaborate with school staff in responding to the needs of students who may be experiencing personal, family, or social difficulties to support student well-being and achievement. School Social Workers can provide an essential link between the home, school, and community to promote and support students' academic and social success. Each school has access to this service on an itinerant basis. Referral for this service must be made through the school.

The Speech-Language Pathologist supports the school team by providing knowledge and skills in the area of communication development, and assisting students with speech and language disorders in meeting curriculum and social outcomes. Each school has access to this service on an itinerant basis. Referral for this service must be made through the Teaching Support Team.