Healthy School Communities

Healthy School Communities

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What is a Healthy School Community? 

A healthy school community promotes a culture of wellness for all its members: students, teachers, administrators, principals, staff, parents, and community partners.

Comprehensive School Health is an internationally-recognized and effective approach for building healthy school communities. It can be used to address a variety of health issues and can improve health, education, and social outcomes for children and youth. 

A Healthy School Community: 

  • Recognizes that healthy students learn better and achieve more; 
  • Understands that schools can directly influence students’ health and behaviours; 
  • Encourages healthy lifestyle choices, and promotes students’ health and well-being; 
  • Incorporates health into all aspects of school and learning; 
  • Links health and education issues and systems; and 
  • Needs the participation and support of families and the greater community. 

How is Student Health Supported in a Healthy School Community? 

Health and education are interdependent: healthy students are better learners, and better-educated individuals are healthier. Research has shown that a Healthy School Community is an effective way to promote that connection, improving both health and educational outcomes, while encouraging healthy behaviours that last a lifetime. 

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education encourages and supports schools to promote Healthy School Communities. 

HRCE Healthy School Communities Team 

Healthy Eating 
Kelly Sherwood, RD, HRCE School Nutritionist 
902-464-2000, ext. 2180 

Healthy School Community Health Promoter 
Angela Day, Health Promoter 
902-464-2000, ext. 4414 

Junior High Sports 
Conor Fudge, Leader - Extra-Curricular Sports Grades 6-9 
902-464-2000, ext. 4899