Public Engagement: Strengthening Local Voice

Public Engagement: Strengthening Local Voice

In December 2023, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) announced changes to strengthen local voices in education. Click here to read more.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) established the following initiatives in 2024 in response to the Minister's mandate. 

Public Engagement Sessions

The Regional Executive Director of Education (RED) will lead a series of public engagement sessions with HRCE families and regional leaders three times a year to discuss student achievement, well-being and capital planning. Feedback from each session will be shared with families, EECD and HRCE staff to help inform our work. More information can be found below. Families are our partners in education. We are listening to lead.

Public Engagement Session #1: Student Achievement - February 28, 2024

Public Engagement Session #2: Student Well-Being - June 4, 2024


Regional Student Advisory Committee (RSTAC)

A Regional Student Advisory Committee that reports directly to the RED was established in 2024 to discuss topics such as achievement and well-being and other aspects of student experiences, especially as it related to the Student Success Survey.

Regional School Advisory Council (RSAC)

A Regional School Advisory Council made up of SAC members was also established in 2024 to advise the RED. Click here to learn more.