Update for families: Wildfires

Update for families: Wildfires


There are no words to adequately describe what our community has endured so far this week. 

The HRCE’s goal is to keep as many of our buildings open as we can because many students need the stability, safety, and routine provided by school. We don’t expect all students or staff from the impacted areas to attend and it won’t be school as usual for many, but it is important to provide the opportunity if it can help. Families navigating this crisis should not feel obligated to come. This is about providing space and support.

Please remember - families always have the option to keep their children home. In this time of uncertainty and stress, it's important to know that students will not lose out on opportunities for learning and no assessments, assignments, or other schoolwork will be counted as missed.


The forecast suggests that we could see temperatures around 30 degrees near the end of the school day tomorrow. Some schools may need to take precautions against smoke from the wildfires. Buildings could become unusually warm through the afternoon. Please consider having your children dress for this possibility and sending them with ice water. 

Our Operations team will be monitoring the situation throughout the day tomorrow.

School Closures

Based on their location in the Fire Evacuation Area, the following schools will remain closed for the rest of the week:

  • Hammonds Plains Consolidated
  • Madeline Symonds Middle School

Based on their location in the Local State of Emergency Zone and/or proximity to active fires, the following schools are closed tomorrow, June 1:

  • Bay View High School
  • Tantallon Junior Elementary
  • Tantallon Senior Elementary
  • Five Bridges Junior High
  • St. Margaret’s Bay Elementary
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Charles P. Allen High School
  • Basinview Drive Community School
  • Bedford South School
  • Harry R. Hamilton Elementary
  • Millwood Elementary
  • Millwood High School
  • Sackville Heights Elementary
  • Sackville Heights Junior High

Talking to Children About Wildfires

The IWK has provided guidance on how to talk to children and youth about an emergency or traumatic event. Please click here for more information.

We will send updates as the situation continues to evolve.

All the Best,

Steve Gallagher
Regional Executive Director