Update for families: Wildfires

Update for families: Wildfires


In addition to Hammonds Plains Consolidated and Madeline Symonds Middle School (announced as closed for the week yesterday), the following schools are closed tomorrow, Friday, June 2, based on their location in the Local State of Emergency Zone and/or proximity to active fires: 

  • Bay View High School
  • Tantallon Junior Elementary
  • Tantallon Senior Elementary
  • Five Bridges Junior High
  • St. Margaret’s Bay Elementary
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Charles P. Allen High School
  • Basinview Drive Community School
  • Bedford South School
  • Harry R. Hamilton Elementary
  • Millwood Elementary
  • Millwood High School
  • Sackville Heights Elementary
  • Sackville Heights Junior High

An update will be provided on Sunday evening regarding school closures for Monday.

Halifax Regional Centre for Education