Update for families: Wildfires

Update for families: Wildfires


Based on the latest information from the Emergency Management Office, the following schools will open tomorrow (Tuesday, June 6):

  • Bay View High
  • Hammonds Plains Consolidated
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Madeline Symonds Middle School

All four schools have been inspected and no air quality concerns have been reported. They have been thoroughly cleaned and air filters have been replaced. Bay View High’s well water is currently being tested as per the Nova Scotia Environment guidelines. Results won’t be available for a few days and bottled water will be available in the meantime.

Support Team
As I shared in last night’s message, it won’t be learning as usual. Our focus in the coming days will be on reconnecting with students, listening and healing.

Our schools are ready to provide extra care to support your child’s well-being. Each school that was closed due to the wildfire has been assigned a team of support staff, which includes a school social worker, a school psychologist, and a SchoolsPlus Facilitator. The team is available to support any student or family in need.

If your family is displaced and you would like your child to take the bus to school, please contact HRCE’s Student Transportation Team. Let us know where you are temporarily residing, and we will explore options with you. You can reach the team at transportation@hrce.ca or by calling 902-431-4723.

Next Steps
As a reminder, students will not lose out on opportunities for learning, and no assessments, assignments or other schoolwork will be counted as missed. You always have the option to keep your child home. Schools will be ready to support your child, whenever they are ready to return.

If there’s anything you think the school should know about your child, please reach out to your principal.

Please take care,

Steve Gallagher
Regional Executive Director